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    April 01, 2021 2 min read

    Let's face it, picking the right minimal plant hanger for your space is no easy task! With so many options out there including materials, quality, size, style (and the list goes on) it can feel overwhelming. What if there was one plant hanger that really just went with everything? Wouldn't that be a dream? We designed our Minimal Plant Hanger with that idea in mind. Its sleek design is incredible versatile, and works in any room in your home. The shape will hold a variety of pots in all shapes and sizes, so your creativity is limitless! All you have to do is pick the plant! Well, that can be tricky too! Below I've put together 3 places The Minimal Plant Hanger will elevate your home, and make a room feel like a cozy, creative space. 

    1. Showcase in the corner. 


    We love displaying our minimal plant hanger in the corner of a room, as it's one of the first things you and your guests will see. It immediately gives a brightness to the room, and brings with eyes up to make the space feel bigger. In our living room, we highlighted the corner of the room with a bold paint, to make the plant hanger the star of the show. In our guest bedroom, we placed the Minimal Plant Hanger by the window, to give this basic corner a boho touch. 


    2. Layer over the windows. 


    One thing that's great about our Minimal Plant Hanger is it's really one size fits all. It's made to hold small, medium and large pots to create a layered look if desired. Placing two or three hangers in different sizes in front a large window can a hip boho vibe that's straight out of a magazine. Don't want to block the window? Try this same layering look over your bed frame for a style that will instantly bring warmth to your space. 


    3. Boho Bathroom

    Want to feel like you're showering under the trees of Bali? Pop a plant hanger in the corner of your shower! This look feels inspiring, and elevated. We paired our plant hanger in our jungle wallpapered bathroom to feel like you've stepped into a woodland wonderland. Have a small shower? Place the plant hanger in the bathroom to create the same vibe. 

    I hoped these tips on styling your minimal plant hanger gave you lots of inspiration! We know you'll love it, and can't wait to see what you do with it in your home! 

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