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Leather & Waxed Canvas Cleaners

We are a fan of well-traveled leather goods, but every now and then leather and waxed canvas items may need a touch-up to revive them and keep them looking their best.

The Hunker Bag Co. leather and waxed canvas care products cleans, polishes and protects all our leather waxed canvas products from bags to wallets and everything in between

Directions for Leather Use:  Use the Leather Cleaner first. Shake bottle well. Apply a small amount of Leather Cleaner to a soft cloth and rub thoroughly into leather, then follow the same steps with the Leather Dressing. Let dry. Then, polish briskly with a soft cloth or brush for a rich finish. Not for use on fibrous or suede-finish leathers. Keep out of reach of children.
Directions for Waxed Canvas Cleaner:  Use the Waxed Canvas Cleaner as a spot cleaner.  Lightly spray the soiled spot and then light rub with a soft cloth.  Not intended for deep stains, pen marks, or oil type stains.


Note:  For best results, treat the entire item for a uniform look. This is not a spot cleaner. Marks from ball-point pens, oil stains, etc. are pretty much “there.” However, use of our leather care and waxed canvas cleaner can help blend them, as well as other surface scuffs and scratches, into the background making them less noticeable. In time, they will all become part of the beautiful patina and aging process typical of natural leather.