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    Hunker Heritage Jacket

    Why You'll Love it:

    Designing this jacket for you has been 50 years in the making. Our Hunker Heritage Jacket is our modern take on Denton's Grandfather's coat. We love vintage garments and how much work and thought goes into the craftsmanship -- and that's exactly how we created this jacket. It's handmade here in Nashville and made of 100% American wool. Completed with three unique Hunker patches, with meaning.

    The American Buffalo Patch: The symbol of the buffalo is resilience. The Buffalo charges the storm head-on, limiting the amount of time it takes to weather the storm. The symbol reminds us to confront life's obstacles head-on like the Buffalo.

    Hunker District Patch: A combination of family heritage from New England to Texas. The Hunker District represents the original patch found on Grandpa Hunker's jacket, the Whiterock Lake Boy Scout district in Dallas, Tx. The canoe represents Ashley's great-grandfather's canoe he remodeled in Massachusetts back in the 1930's (still in the family today). 

    The Hatchet Patch:  The hatchet represents the grit of the outdoor spirit, reconnecting to the land, and how hard work never goes out of style. 

    How to Style: 

    Meet your favorite new layering staple. We love throwing this over our favorite white tee and jeans for an understated, sophisticated look. 

    Sizing: With this first run of the jackets, this lot tends to run a little smaller. We suggest sizing up one size for your true-to-size fit, 2 sizes up if you want an oversized look. 

    *Note: As this is the first run of these jackets, we're offering these at sample sale prices! Once these 9 run out, they'll be back at full price. Get em' at this steal while you still can!